I have such a pain in my arm. (What were you thinking?)

It started off with limited use in my right shoulder…I’ve had to change how I put on my bra and reach for things in the cupboard. Because of my “frozen shoulder” (as it has been diagnosed), my elbow is now causing me pain. While it might have to do with the fact that my fiftieth birthday is slowly creeping up on me, I am also my own worst enemy. I’m on the computer all day, with mouse in hand, doing my day job. My hobbies after work…knitting, quilting, cross-stitch and more computer usage with my writing.

Take a break, you say. Yeah, I know. But any of you out there that are crafters know that is much easier said then done. Just look at the pretty things I finished in the last couple of weeks.

Lap quilt for a friend's upcoming 50th birthday

A lap quilt

A shorter version of a scarf previously made. This went to one of The Daughter's friends for their 18th birthday

A shorter version of a scarf previously made. This went to one of The Daughter’s friends for their 18th birthday

And a brightly coloured baby blanket

And a brightly coloured baby blanket although I don’t know anyone having a baby

I am trying to balance this with some reading.

Just stating book #2 of The Outlander series.

Just stating book #2 of The Outlander series.

How’s that for balance?

Creative Waves

I wish I could say I swam in a pool of creativity, but alas my creativity and passions come in waves.

Recent count has over 300 books on my e-reader and another 100 sit unread on my shelves, but summer seems to be the time when I like to do most of my reading, and I’m one of those people that need things to be quiet around me when I read.

Slips of scrap paper, sticky notes and torn out notebook sheets with ideas for current WIP and future stories gather in a pile. But my writing comes to me most when I have long drives or long periods of time to focus.

Right now the creative pool I swim in involves knitting and quilting. Volleyball season started mid-September, and since then I have spent roughly six hours a week in a gym and have knitted over a dozen scarves and cowls.

I have included photos of some of these recent accomplishments…

Acadia scarves (6) knit

Knit cowl - blue & silver

knit cowl

knit scarf

Deciding I now have enough scarves (maybe), I’ve moved on and I’m currently knitting a baby sweater (for no one in particular) and a pair of fingerless gloves (the gloves are so I can knit in these cold gyms).

And because I have a number of friends turning fifty in 2015, I’m working on my third lap-size rag quilt. (Photos of the two finished ones below).

Brown & pink rag quilt (gift)

Brown & white rag quilt (gift)

WAVES? I think I could actually drown in all these scarves and quilts…but I’d be warm.