Facts and Faves

FAVORITE FOOD: Coke & chocolate. Steak & French fries. (Definitely nothing low-cal.)
FACT: Proud breast cancer survivor (2001).

cancer link

FAVORITE AUTHORS: Susanna Kearsley and Kelley Armstrong. (And they just happen to be Canadian!)
FACT: I have two of the friendliest cats in the world. Rose & Angel – calico sisters (2001).

Cutest Pet 2 - WP

FAVORITE MOVIES: Every movie in the ALIEN series (and that includes all the Alien vs Predator stuff).
FACT: Almost all calico cats are female.
FAVORITE SPORT: Volleyball – court and beach. (My daughter plays for the Acadia Axewomen in Halifax, Nova Scotia.)

DSC_0021 v2

FACT: I would love to travel but can’t justify the cost.
HOBBIES: cross-stitch, scrapbooking, knitting, quilting, reading…and, of course, writing. Plus I just learned to crochet.

Amish xstitch #2

FACT: If I stopped spending money on craft supplies, I’d have enough money to travel…but what fun would that be?

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