Creative Waves

I wish I could say I swam in a pool of creativity, but alas my creativity and passions come in waves.

Recent count has over 300 books on my e-reader and another 100 sit unread on my shelves, but summer seems to be the time when I like to do most of my reading, and I’m one of those people that need things to be quiet around me when I read.

Slips of scrap paper, sticky notes and torn out notebook sheets with ideas for current WIP and future stories gather in a pile. But my writing comes to me most when I have long drives or long periods of time to focus.

Right now the creative pool I swim in involves knitting and quilting. Volleyball season started mid-September, and since then I have spent roughly six hours a week in a gym and have knitted over a dozen scarves and cowls.

I have included photos of some of these recent accomplishments…

Acadia scarves (6) knit

Knit cowl - blue & silver

knit cowl

knit scarf

Deciding I now have enough scarves (maybe), I’ve moved on and I’m currently knitting a baby sweater (for no one in particular) and a pair of fingerless gloves (the gloves are so I can knit in these cold gyms).

And because I have a number of friends turning fifty in 2015, I’m working on my third lap-size rag quilt. (Photos of the two finished ones below).

Brown & pink rag quilt (gift)

Brown & white rag quilt (gift)

WAVES? I think I could actually drown in all these scarves and quilts…but I’d be warm.

2 thoughts on “Creative Waves

  1. Absolutely beautiful, Charlotte. I’m one where the creativity flows while driving, too. Once I’m home, it’s a mad scramble to find my journal and pen everything down.


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