Happy New Year

I read a blog the other day that said September 1st is more like the New Year than January 1st because it meant the end of summer and the start of school.

Well, it’s certainly a new beginning for The Eldest Step-daughter. We drove her to the airport the other day to see her off as she left for her first year in university. Best of luck, ESD.

The Daughter is starting to go a little crazy waiting for school to begin. Let's go crazyBeach volleyball is over, camp is over, refereeing soccer is over, and volleyball tryouts are just beginning. While she isn’t looking forward to the actual school work, she is looking forward to seeing friends again. In a way it reminds of me of when she anxiously awaited Christmas, waiting for the presents, and then a week later you’d never know that the holiday that was planned for and shopped for and anxiously waited for had even occurred.

When people say to me “how’s your summer?” my reply is “okay, I guess”. Yes, I spent weekends at the beach watching volleyball,summer feet and had a few days away as we went around Ontario checking out universities…but unless you have the summer off, it’s just another season.

So for those of you experiencing a big change with the end of summer…Happy New Year. For those of you for which it is just another month…Happy September (at least you don’t need to remember to change the year on your cheques).