No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

As I’ve mentioned before, my daughter plays competitive volleyball. The Daughter She had a new coach last year who was absolutely awesome with her. As a left-handed player, she plays on the right-side while “the power” players are on the left-side. Previously she was just there as “the other side”, but as an ex-professional himself, Coach M saw the benefit in using her abilities. He also saw potential in the rest of the team, and wanted to take them to a higher level of competitive play.

Coach M wrote an eight page plan that he gave to our club outlining what he wanted to do with the team. A lot of thought, time and effort went into the document, and he pulled it not just from his own experiences but from a number of successful sources, so he wasn’t just spouting garbage. It was rejected.

Soft Serve

When the new season tryouts began, not only did we lose one of our key players to normal attrition, but without following his plan (or any plan from our point of view) the club was unable to attract the height and skills our coach and team needed. Coach M, wanting what was best for the players encouraged my daughter to try out for a team that would offer her the challenges she needed, as only through playing better teams would she become a better player. An extremely unselfish move on his behalf.

Unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished. When the rest of the team found out one player left and that my daughter was looking elsewhere, the dominos began to fall. Coach M was left with only a handful of players – certainly not enough to make a team. Talk about feeling bad, my daughter and I thought he was a great coach and yet here we were contributing to the downfall of the team. But he said “no”, he understood and continued to encourage her.

It’s such a shame, but I blame the Club. Had they followed his plan, we wouldn’t have just kept the team, but we could have made it better. WE would have become “the better team”. His reward for trying to make the girls into the best players they could be resulted in him without a team. I’m hoping that he finds another club. A club that will listen to him, and invest in his plan. I hate to think that the saying is true. Instead I hope that when one door closes, another opens
Doors a bigger, better door one, and that behind it will stand a club and team that will reward him for his efforts.

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  1. such a shame – not quite the reward you would like to see for your efforts – I wish him the best of luck.


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