Who doesn’t love a long weekend?

As it says in my bio, I live in Canada, eh!

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, I have always lived in and around what we call the GTA…Greater Toronto Area. I currently live in Stouffville, which is just north-east of the city.

This weekend marks Canada’s 146th birthday. Admittedly our July 1st celebrations are not as extravagant as the US’s July 4th parties, parades, and fireworks, but we try.

I volunteer much of my weekend at the local Stouffville Strawberry Festival. I think there are a lot less strawberry farms around Stouffville than there used to be, but it’s still a fun weekend to get the summer started.

Main Street is closed on Saturday, while vendors line the street selling food and crafts, and I always make sure I get my ice cream with strawberries from one of the church booths. Although Main St is only closed Saturday, there is plenty to do all weekend. The long weekend includes the movie-in-the-diamond (baseball diamond, that is), a comedy night, lots of music, and of course a few carnival rides for the kiddies. As with any good Canada day celebration, there is also cake & fireworks.

So to my Canada Friends…Happy Canada (long) Weekend!
And to those south of the border…Have a wonderful July 4th!

What do you plan to do with your long holiday weekend?