Roll the film…

A month ago I wrote about my love of summer movies, and I’ve seen one movie a week since that post.

The first movie after my May 18th post was Fast & Furious 6 (rated 71% on I think 71% is about right. I’ve seen most of the F&F movies except 2 & 3, which didn’t have Vin Diesel, in which case what was the point? I have to say I was surprised at the “exit” of a couple of the cast at the end of the movie, but I still can’t wait to see what F&F #7 has in store. I also can’t help but be amazed that both Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson can walk around with their muscles flexed for that long. (Not complaining about it, just amazed.)

Next was Now You See Me, the movie about the magicians that pull off a huge bank heist while on stage. The movie only got rated 49% on RT, which while considered a failing grade does mean that 1 out of every 2 people liked it. The Daughter and I were both in the LIKE category. (Didn’t bother bringing The Husband, because I know his taste and he would have been in the DISLIKE.) I wasn’t prepared for the trick ending (magicians = tricks, get it?) but I’m also not the kind of person that tries to figure out the end ahead of time. When I’m at a movie (a good movie) or in a good book, I…AM…THERE. I’m not looking ahead, I’m actively involved in what is going on.

This is the End, although not my usual kind of movie, was next. The Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy got 85% on RT, but I’d probably rate it closer to 70. Again, however, I don’t usually go for funny, guy humor movies, and that is exactly what it was. I think I laughed hardest at all the penis and ejaculation jokes that seemed to be pervasive.

We went to an early showing of World War Z last night, opening night. (The Husband won’t admit to it, but I think he has a man-crush on Brad Pitt.). Anyway, RT had it at 66% which I think is typical for a zombie movie. I saw Warm Bodies at the start of the year that got 80%, and I think WWZ was much, MUCH better.

Also on my list but which I didn’t make it to were Man of Steele (56%), Hangover 3 (20%), After Earth (11%) and The Bling Ring (58%). I still might make it to Man of Steele and The Bling Ring, but at 20% Hangover can wait until its free on t.v. I was also VERY disappointed that After Earth got 11%. That is a case of a movie I REALLY wanted to see but just couldn’t justify the $$ on THAT bad a rating.

Next up? Heat (with Bullock & McCarthy; Bullock being my girl-crush) and Whitehouse Down (with Channing Tatum, need I say more?) are both due out at the end the month. I know I’ll be going to see both with The Daughter, leaving The Husband at home.