Memories of Calgary…OMG!

Hi Y’all,
So it’s over. We just returned from the final Canada National Volleyball tournament in which my daughter will be playing. Six years of week night practising. Over. Six years of weekend tournaments. Over. Of course, you’re not done hearing about volleyball completely as we still have a few beach tournaments this summer, and then it will be a whole new experience with university volleyball. But let me tell you some of the OH MY GOD moments these girls are taking with them from the last tournament.

OMG#1 Banff
The mountains were just beautiful.



OMG#2 Coach gets a concussion
Yep, you read it. Not a player, but one of our coaches. And strange as it sounds, it happened at the hotel, not the gym!

OMG#3 We get disqualified from two of the matches we played.
A new rule was implemented a few years back regarding players in back-to-back tournaments that our coach didn’t know about. (He has over 30 years of experience and is a Canada Volleyball inductee.) Unfortunately Volleyball Canada should have caught our error at registration, but it didn’t get identified until after we played our first two matches.This caused us to show four 0-25 losses, and moved us to the bottom of Division 1. (Bright side, bottom of Division 1 meant 32nd out of 32nd. They could have moved us to the bottom of the entire 18U Girls which would have been #86.)

OMG#4 Appendicitis
Not on our team, but the brother of one of our players who was in Calgary for his own tournament, was taken to emergency on Monday night and had his appendix out. Needless to say he didn’t play in his Tuesday finals, but his sister was a trooper and played in ours!

OMG#5 Stomach Flu?
One of our players gets the stomach flu (or food poisoning?) and can’t fly home. Had to find a hotel for the night and fly home next day.

Not “THE” Gold medal. After being moved to position #32 in Division 1, it was impossible for us to ever get high enough for THE gold medal. But with Division 1 divided into 4 tiers (8 teams each), the highest we could get to was position #17…which was the #1 spot in Tier 3. And the girls did it.


In the face of all the adversity that was put before them, the girls moved as high up as they possibly could and came home with a Division 1, Tier 3 gold.

I’m going to miss them. The girls. Their families. And yes, even sitting on those hard benches in the gym.

One down, one to go

As I mentioned in my last point, I’m counting down the last few weeks in what has been six years of 2 to 3-night a week practices, and weekends spent in gymnasiums for volleyball tournaments.

Last weekend was the 6th and final (for The daughter and me) Ontario Volleyball Provincial Championships.

The Daughter

The event, held at RIM Park in Waterloo, Ontario is a well-run event, covering 3 weekends, with two waves a day and 28 courts. Usually there for only one of the three weekends, we were there for the first and last weekend since The Daughter was first a coach and then an athlete.

Tied for 5th, the girls came away with no medals, but I think The Daughter has accumulate quite a bit of a stash over the past years.

010 - Copy

In two weeks we head to Calgary, Alberta, for what will be the final tournament of her pre-university play, the National Volleyball Championships.

Beautiful Nova Scotia

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that The Daughter is very involved in volleyball. One school that we have been looking at for university for September 2015 is Acadia in Wolfville, Nova Scotia….one of our eastern / Atlantic provinces here in Canada. This past weekend, we flew to Nova Scotia (about a 2 hour flight) to watch the Acadia Axemen in action and to check out Acadia. The campus…and the province itself…were very beautiful. (And I think it is safe to say, we’ll be returning next September.)

Kinesiology building at Acadia

Kinesiology building at Acadia

Bay of Fundy - Wolfville, NS - low tide. I never did get a chance to see it at high tide

Bay of Fundy – Wolfville, NS – low tide

The Daughter and I at one of the lookouts

The Daughter and I at one of the lookouts