Getting ready to say Good-bye

The very top of my site, says “Writer, reader and crafter”…what it doesn’t say, my most important job, is mother. And all that is about to change in 18 weeks. Of course, I’ll still be a mother, but on August 27 The Daughter (my baby!) is leaving for university.

The Daughter 2005

Sure, she’ll be home at Christmas and in the summer…I hope…but my life is in for a big change. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I spend a lot of time driving The Daughter to volleyball practice or tournaments. This year she is also coaching, and I drive her and stay to watch that team, too.

The Daughter will be playing volleyball at Acadia University, but with it being a 2 hour, $500 flight away (or 20+ hour drive), I’ll be watching webcasts from the comfort of my sofa. No long drives or overnight stays in hotels.

I’ve already got a few friends lined up…2 for craft nights, one for coffee, and one for a monthly movie night. Things to keep me busy. People to fill in for the much-missed Daughter.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for her. Envious, in fact. But, I’m counting the weeks already with tears in my eyes. So there will probably be quite a few posts about The Daughter between now and then, and I hope that is okay with all of you.

Since I’ve already done a lot of rambling, I’ll keep my first story short.

On Sunday, I booked our flights from Toronto, Ontario to Halifax, Nova Scotia. I had 2 computers on the go, and my mom on the phone. I’m booking mine with credit card points, The Daughter only needs a one way ticket, and my mom was booking her round-trip flight at her end. (Just to make sure we all got the same flight.) I pushed submit on both The Daughter and my flight, and then frantically yelled at my mom “Oh my god, I just booked The Daughter on the wrong flight. I’ve got to go!” Yep, I did. Mom and I were on the 9am, The Daughter on the 7am. Hands shaking and on the verge of tears (there will be lots of those!) I called Westjet to beg for help. Luckily the change was quick and free of charge since it was within the first 24 hours. (First 2.4 minutes, in fact).

And so the journey begins…

Beautiful Nova Scotia

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that The Daughter is very involved in volleyball. One school that we have been looking at for university for September 2015 is Acadia in Wolfville, Nova Scotia….one of our eastern / Atlantic provinces here in Canada. This past weekend, we flew to Nova Scotia (about a 2 hour flight) to watch the Acadia Axemen in action and to check out Acadia. The campus…and the province itself…were very beautiful. (And I think it is safe to say, we’ll be returning next September.)

Kinesiology building at Acadia

Kinesiology building at Acadia

Bay of Fundy - Wolfville, NS - low tide. I never did get a chance to see it at high tide

Bay of Fundy – Wolfville, NS – low tide

The Daughter and I at one of the lookouts

The Daughter and I at one of the lookouts