Falling Behind & Shiny Things

I hate to admit it, but I’m falling behind on just about everything these days. I haven’t written or even edited my own writing in weeks. I have three “currently-reading” books on my Goodreads shelf which have been there for a couple of months. And I’m even behind on my annual movie attendance. I saw Draft Day last night putting my total at three…3!?!?…for the year. (Don’t even ask about the state of my spring cleaning!)

So if I’m not writing, reading or watching movies…what am I doing? Well, volleyball season is coming to a close here in Canada. (Indoor volleyball anyway, once that ends Beach season starts, but at least that is only weekends.) Last weekend was the 17U Ontario Championships – a three day event in Waterloo Ontario – and I’m proud to say my baby girl and her team brought home the silver medal!! You might be able to see it here in the collection – it’s the thick green ribbon just right of the middle.

Shiny Things

Three more weeks of practice and then it’s off to Edmonton for the Canadian Open (the “Nationals”). Fingers crossed for another medal. I love shiny things!

Apparently this message was brought to you by the number 3.

Happy Easter!
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2 thoughts on “Falling Behind & Shiny Things

  1. Congrats to you and your daughter for the silver! That’s an awesome achievement!! You know me, if there’s any reason for falling behind, volleyball is the BEST excuse. I’ll be crossing my fingers for your daughter in Nationals!

    Ps. I also haven’t been writing!! Just edit edit edit. Tends to suck away my writing mojo.


    • And when my wonderful critique partner asks for more to read and I don’t have it for her…. But I hope to get something worked on this weekend, JC, I’m trying!


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