Pardon my rant

I think most 9-5, Monday to Friday work people have one thing in common…we love Fridays and hate Mondays. (OK, maybe that’s two things.) So why did “someone” have to go and mess with my happy Friday?

First, I work in the computer industry, and a system that my job revolves around has been down for regular updates for the last few days. I have been building my “to do” pile for the last week, waiting for today. But, when I logged on this morning there was a note in my in basket…the system will not be up until 5pm today. Really? You think I’m logging on at 5pm or this weekend? Seriously people, you might as well keep it down until Monday morning.

Then I drove The (grumpy) Daughter to school. She had a school dance last night and claimed she was too tired to go to her first class. I told her she was going, but that I would at least drive her. That wasn’t the bad part. The bad part was finding out I have another mouse in my van!! I hate mice. I had one living in there in the summer which we killed. (Yes, killed! Sorry for all you catch & release folks.) I do NOT want a second mouse.

Then The Husband refused to set a trap…”I’ll do it later”. No, I want the trap set! NOW!! So I set it myself. But while trying to shimmy between my van and his car, I whacked my butt on the edge of my door, and I can feel the bruise growing there, minute by minute.

And finally, in an effort to cheer myself up, I decided at 9:30 am to cut into the chocolate fudge I made last night. Obviously I did something wrong, because it separated. Of course, at that point – and the fact that it is chocolate, period – I didn’t care, and I ate it anyway.

So my Friday didn’t start so well, but I refuse to let it get me down. I have a lot of stuff planned this weekend, including a live action Rocky Horror tonight and the eagerly anticipated viewing of Hunger Games – Catching Fire. So I’m rolling over the rest of my Friday and calling it “early Saturday”. And I’m wishing all of you a happy, mouse-free weekend.

P.S. if there is no mouse in that trap, I’m taking my husband’s car all weekend!