Candy, Costumes and Blood, oh my!

Well, it’s that day that all paranormal romance writers seem to love (at least based on the posts I’ve seen this month)…Halloween.

Sadly this will be the first year in sixteen-plus years that I will not be dressing up and handing out candy. Halloween 2005

I enjoy dressing in costume. Halloween 2007 I decorate the yard, and have scary music & lighting as I hand out candy. I love seeing the little ones in their costumes, and the surprise on their faces when I answer the door. Yes, there have been a few tears too, but I’ve learned to peek through the window and open the door in advance if I think the trick-or-treater might be scared by my attire.

This year, however, volleyball practice falls on Halloween eve. In the earlier years, coaches would cancel practice if that was the case. But at 16, the coaches figure the girls are too big. (I mean this literally since The Daughter is 5’9″ and the tallest on her team is 6’4″). Halloween 2011I suggested to The Daughter that maybe I could dress up to drive her to practice, and I got “the look”, so I guess all I can do is look at photos from previous Halloweens.

Whether you are dressing up, shelling out, or hiding in the basement with the lights out…Happy Halloween to all, and to all a good-night. (Or something like that.)Halloween 2008