How to embarrass and/or disgust your teenage daughter

There are several ways to embarrass and/or disgust your teenage daughter.

It does not matter how good you are…or think you are…she will not appreciate it.
And if you do it in front of her friends, she will appreciate it even less.

Two…tell her you think the teenage boy in her class is hot.
Yes, you could say “handsome” or “attractive”, but in an attempt not to sound old-fashioned, you use the word “hot” and, well…ewwwww!

Three…tell her your editor wants you to make the sex-scene in your book longer.
The Daughter is actually upset that I will not let her read the book because of the sexual content. She insists on telling people that I will not let her read it because “mom writes sex”. The Daughter wrinkles her nose and makes an ugly face as she says it, so what is it…does she wants to read it or not?

The fact that she is too young (under 30 in this case) does not seem to mean as much to her as it does to me, but suffice to say she has a few more years ahead of her before I let her read many of my stories.

Knowing the response I would get, I did have to tell her that I was working on edits today because I had to add more sex. “Ewwww” she said. How did I know?

By the way, I was dancing when I told her.