My Thank-you Blog

OK, I know I should be writing about the publishing experience, or about my book, or about something witty and interesting…but what I want to do today is just write a big THANK YOU!

I want to start with a thank-you to The Wild Rose Press, and specifically my editor Eilidh MacKenzie. Not just for the opportunity to be published – which is wonderful in itself – but for all the incredible help and support. The guidance you give every step along the way is amazing.

Next I want to thank all the great authors at The Wild Rose Press, referred to as my fellow Roses. The advice and support given on blogs to everyone and by everyone is extraordinary, and personal requests – such as help with my blog – has been met with amazing response.

I also want to thank The Writers’ Community of Durham Region, of which I have been a member for the last few years. This is another group of talented and supportive writers, whose encouragement and enthusiasm is why Silver Blade has made it this far.

And finally, a thank-you to my family and friends for being there for me. If you see any resemblance between yourself and my characters, I promise that none of you are in my books! I do afterall write paranormal romance, and as far as I know, none of you have any supernatural abilities or tendancies. (Although that would explain some things!!)

My family: stick family