Love’s Battle – by Angela Hayes

Rain, rain go away.
Is it raining where you are?
Maybe it’s sunny, and you’re on a beach some place, iphone in hand and toes in the sand.
Regardless, sit back, relax, and join me as I welcome author Angela Hayes and her time-travel romance, LOVE’S BATTLE.

"If love isn't worth fighting for, what is?"

“If love isn’t worth fighting for, what is?”

Love Howard has more than a knack for matchmaking. Born from a forbidden passion and a twelve-hundred-year-old promise, she and her sisters can literally see true love. And while Love has no problem bringing other couples together, her own romantic life could use a little help.

Danton DeAngelo has always been well grounded in reality. So it throws him for no small loop when the woman he’s fallen for believes that she’s been reincarnated eleven times and can actually see true love.

Now Danton is faced with the biggest decision of his life. Accept Love for who she really is, or walk away from her forever.

So Love is not just the title, she’s the main character. Interesting. Tell us Angela, do you have a process for coming up with character names and book titles?

The title and blurb is usually the first thing I come up with when writing a new book. When brainstorming, I try and come up with a title that would snag my own attention and lure me into reading it. When it comes to naming my characters, I try and pick a name that has meaning to it. To help, I use and after making a list, narrow it down to one that is both easy to spell, read, and type.

I can’t work on a story unless it has a title. “Story 1” or “Untitled” just don’t motivate me.

Speaking of motivation…and of course, LOVE’S BATTLE…how about an excerpt?

The hand Love pressed to her brow was visibly shaking. “There’s something I need to tell you. I just need you to keep an open mind.”

“What is it? Are you sick?” Danton asked.

“No, I’m not sick.” Her voice trembled on a forced laugh. “It’s something else. Something I‘ve been trying to prepare you for. This would be so much easier if you believed in magic. If you could believe that what I’m about to tell you is the honest truth.”

Turning, Love opened the iron chest, the hinges groaning with the effort as specks of rust littered the floor. From its depths she pulled out a clear plastic bag that she held tight to her chest, eyes closed, before handing it to a confused Danton.

“This is my tartan, my plaid. Before it faded and was dinner for the moths, it was once patterned in checks of green, gray, and brown. The purple and white stripes that ran through the hem identified the wearer as part of the royal family.” Love tapped the plastic, her finger pointing out where each color should be. “It was a gift from my father. The first and only time my sister’s and I met him, he was on his deathbed, we were eighteen. A week later our mother died in the same moment he drew his last breath.” Needing the extra air Love drew a breath of her own. “That day was the thirteenth of February, eight-hundred and fifty-eight AD. My father was Cinaed mac Alpin, crowned king of the Picts and Gaels. He was Scotland’s first king.”

“Eight- hundred and fifty-eight?” That couldn’t be right, she was only twenty-five. “Don’t you mean Nineteen-eighty-seven?”

“No. I was born for the first time in Scotland during the middle of the ninth century.”

Hmmmm. What would it take you, blog reader, to believe Love’s story if she was talking to you? What finally convinces Danton? If you would like to read more about Love and Danton, LOVE’S BATTLE is on sale until the end of July

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and can be purchased at the following:


I would like to thank Angela for stopping by today (Thank you, Angela!), but before we say good-bye, I asked Angela a couple of questions.

Favorite book (or favorite movie)?
My absolute favorite book that I’ve read over and over is Julie Garwood’s The Bride. There’s just something special in the way Julie created Alec and Jamie.

What are you reading now?
I just picked up Lynsay Sands, The Loving Daylights and it is hilarious. I highly recommend it.

If they were to make a movie about you, who would play you and why?
I think Kate Hudson would make a great Angela. She’s got an infectious laugh and bubbly personality that I do my best to maintain.

Well, thank you Angela. And thank you, blog reader for visiting with us.
Read on for more information about Angela and where you can find her.

Angela Hayes

A married mother of two, Angela splits her time between bringing characters to life by computer, and yarn to life with needle and hook. You can find her at where Angela enjoys connecting readers and the author’s they love.

Angela can also be found at:

Thank you again, Angela & readers, and good-bye. (And if you are sitting with your toes in the sand, please remember to reapply your sunscreen regularly.)

Dragon Knight’s Axe and Mary Morgan

Welcome all ye to my blog, where today I’m hosting Mary Morgan and her new release, DRAGON KNIGHT’S AXE.

Will their love be strong enough to soothe the beast and heal the man? Or will Death swing its axe, leaving them lost for all eternity?

Will their love be strong enough to soothe the beast and heal the man? Or will Death swing its axe, leaving them lost for all eternity?

Just look at the cover. It has me saying Mary Morgan with an Irish brogue (one that I’m sure would offend many Irish, my apologies.)

Battled scarred, Dragon Knight, Alastair MacKay, has fled to the seas to separate himself from his powers that are connected to the land. Yet, when he rescues a woman from a slave trader in Ireland, he steps back inadvertently into a world filled with magic—taking on the role of protector and leading him on a journey to confront his greatest fears.

Research assistant, Fiona O’Quinlan loves translating ancient artifacts at Trinity College. When she falls asleep on an archeological dig, she awakens in another time. She soon discovers a Dragon Knight’s relic has been entrusted into her care. Determined to return the artifact to the Great Glen, Fiona is unprepared for the danger ahead—losing her heart and soul to Alastair “Beast” MacKay.

Will their love be strong enough to soothe the beast and heal the man? Or will Death swing its axe, leaving them lost for all eternity?

Oooh, sounds like a bit of excitement ahead for Fiona…and the reader. Want a little more? Here is an except from DRAGON KNIGHT’S AXE:

He would get the truth out of her. She was now his. Bought and paid for.

His anger simmered just below the surface, and he allowed his eyes to flash with the fire of the dragon. Hearing her gasp, he smiled. Good, little bird. Fear me. Without giving her time to react, he swept her up and dumped her over his left shoulder, and strode to the ship.

He heard her sharp intake of breath, and then she started to pound against his back. “Put…me down,” she demanded.


She started to kick, and he clenched his jaw in frustration. The little bird had talons. He responded with a smack to her bottom, but instead of removing his hand, he kept it against her soft curves. “I will put ye down when we are on my ship.”

She went completely still, and then she screamed.

Alastair dumped her onto the ground. “For the love of Brigid, did ye have to yell into my ear?”

Fiona rubbed at her bottom and then stood. “You beast,” she spat out at him. Jumping onto a nearby boulder, she looked directly into his eyes. “Don’t you ever touch me like that again.”

Alastair yanked her to his chest by her arms, his face mere inches from hers. “And what are ye going to do?” He watched as her eyes widened in alarm. Blue eyes that reminded him of the sky on warm summer days. Then his gaze traveled down to her lips, red as berries.

Instantly, his beast roared to life. Claim one kiss, Alastair.

“I will slit your throat,” she whispered.

Releasing his hold, his beast laughed, mocking him. He stared at her for a few moments before turning away. Stalking over to the ship, he climbed up the ladder.

If you are interested in reading more, DRAGON KNIGHT’S AXE is available at:

As for Mary, she loves making new friends…

Mary Morgan

I am a constant daydreamer and have been told quite often to remove my head from the clouds. Yet, this is where I find the magic to write my stories. Not only do I love to weave a good tale, but I have a voracious appetite for reading. I worked for Borders Books for almost fourteen years. Imagine my delight to be surrounded by so many books, talking to others about them, and getting paid.

Pure bliss!

I have traveled to England, Scotland, Ireland, and France. There are those who know me well when I say, “My heart is in the Highlands.” I believe I have left it there or maybe in Ireland.

When not writing, I enjoy playing in my garden—another place where magic grows. Of course, there is time spent with my family. They are the ones that keep me grounded.

You can find me at:


Thank you Mary for stopping by today, and best of luck with your new release, DRAGON KNIGHT’S AXE.