Candy Hearts – SWEETIE PIE by Willa Blair

Will his secret tear them apart?

Will his secret tear them apart?

Makenna Stewart flees Scotland for the Big Island of Hawaii intent on making real a cherished dream—a bakery of her own. Hard work and long hours leave Makenna craving some fun in her life. Her best customer, Greek-god sexy surfer Tom may be just what she needs, but she suspects there’s more to him than board shorts and a devastating smile.

Retired professional surfer and real-estate multi-millionaire Tom Bensford, is there when she opens every morning, but he’s not craving her Morning Glory muffins. Fascinated by the dark-haired, blue-eyed wahine with the creamy Celtic skin and devastating Scottish accent, he’s never met a woman like her. Too bad he’s about to destroy her dreams.

To him, it’s just business. To her, it’s the kind of betrayal she fled Scotland to escape. Can the island magic in Makenna’s heritage save her dream and their romance, or will his secret tear them apart?

She met his gaze. “I…”

The waitress saved her from answering by arriving with their first course, crudités and a tasty selection of dips. The wine with dinner came from a winery on Maui. The ono, a local firm white fish, prepared three ways, each more delicious than the last, made Makenna wish for the recipes. And the passionfruit meringue rivaled her own. Replete, Makenna leaned back to savor the sense of utter contentment suffusing her. “This has been an incredible meal. Thank you.”

Tom took her hand and gently feathered the inside of her wrist with his thumb. “We can’t leave yet. The sun will set in a few minutes. You don’t want to miss the view from here. We might even see the green flash.”

“I read about that. It’s rare, isn’t it?”

“Rare and lucky.” Tom gave her an evil grin. “Would you like some extra luck tonight?”

Makenna cocked an eyebrow his way. “It depends on what use you plan to put it to.” She fought back a grin, knowing full well what he meant. The promise he’d made before dinner at the ranch when she’d reached for his zipper and he’d stopped her by kissing her hand. That’s for some other time. He hadn’t pushed, but she knew he wanted her. Was she ready for this relationship to go to the next level? Aye, she was.

Tom just smiled. “Look, the sun is touching the water. It won’t be long now.”

He scooted their chairs together to face the sunset and draped an arm across her shoulders. The breeze picked up, as if the wind was being drawn into the water with the drowning sun. Makenna could barely keep her attention on the display as Tom’s fingers gently stroked her shoulder, then traced up the side of her throat to tangle in her hair.

“So lovely,” he murmured, his breath warming her ear.

Makenna turned to face him, letting her lips meet his, gently at first, then more firmly. “People can see us,” she warned when they broke apart.

“I don’t care.”

He kissed her again, and she lifted a hand to his face, liking the rough scratch of his whiskers on her fingertips. A change in the light told her the sun had gone down. “We’ve missed it.”

“We don’t need it,” he answered and pulled her to her feet. “Let’s go.”

“The bill…”

“Already taken care of. Your place or mine? Mine’s closer.”


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