Release of HEART SHIFTER and 100th post

HEART SHIFTER (cover by Diana Carlile)

(cover by Diana Carlile)

On sale this week $1.00 BUY LINK

How perfect that my 100th post coincides with the release of my second novella, HEART SHIFTER.

And there are so many wonderful authors out there who are willing to help promote my book, I have several visits planned for the next week.

Today I’m answering questions and leaving blurbs with three lovely ladies (a different blurb at each sight). Won’t you please stop by and visit.

J.C.McKenzie, my critique partner and author of SHIFT HAPPENS, is hosting me at The Carus Chronicles

Marlow Kelly, author of the recently released A WOMAN OF HONOUR, is hosting me at Marlow Kelly

And Sharon Buchbinder, fellow Wild Rose and author of OBSESSION, is hosting me at Sharon Buchbinder

After today, you can read more about HEART SHIFTER and moi (me) at the following:
Sept 18 – Anne Lange
Sept 19 – Nicki Greenwood
Sept 21 – Alicia Dean
Sept 22 – Babette James
and Sydney St.Claire
Sept 24 – Robin Mullins

I also have a few visits planned for October and November, too. I’ll post those sites later.

Again a huge THANK YOU goes out to all these wonderful authors!

Heavy Netting with Nicki Greenwood

Today I welcome fellow Wild Rose Press author Nicki Greenwood with her new release, HEAVY NETTING.

He’s all wrong for Lobster Cove … but he might be just right for her.

He’s all wrong for Lobster Cove … but he might be just right for her.

HEAVY NETTING is a short contemporary romance written for The Wild Rose Press’s new LOBSTER COVE series…an ongoing, cross-genre series of interconnecting books based in the small seaside town of Lobster Cove, Maine.

Before we get to the book Nicki, tell us a little about yourself.
I graduated SUNY Morrisville with a degree in Natural Resources. I write stories of romantic adventure, and combine that with a love of the environment that comes through in each of my books. I’ve been writing professionally since 2010, and currently have three books in print with more on the way, including HEAVY NETTING, which releases today…September 1st!
I live in upstate New York with my husband, son, and assorted pets. When not writing, I enjoy the arts, gardening, interior decorating, and trips to the local Renaissance Faire. (If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it!

Congratulations on the new release. And I’ve never been, so I will keep that in mind!

Do you have a process for coming up with character names and book titles?
Actually, no, but what a great question! Characters generally “tell” me their names in an organic fashion. Book titles seem to pop up out of the blue when I’m in the middle of another project, so I write them down for future use. For some reason, I can’t write without a title. *grin*

I love this title! Admittedly, I was going to play around a bit with it when I wrote this blog (hee-hee-hee), but sensibility prevailed.

Would you mind sharing an excerpt from HEAVY NETTING?

All right, Jenna,” he said. “Tell you what. I’m gonna be there about four o’clock. If you want to meet me there and talk Lobster Cove, I’ll be all ears. If not, no pressure.”

She giggled. Giggled. Like a teenager going to her first concert with a cute boy. Mortified, and now convinced that her cheeks were as red as a stop sign, she backed away. “I’ll keep it in mind. See you later, Mister Cudahy.”

His grin sent a flutter through her midsection. “Bran.”

“Okay. Bran.” She waved goodbye, then hurried off down the street with her groceries and would-be-truant oranges.

As she walked, she sensed his gaze on her, and she beamed, flattered and flustered, and for once, feeling beautiful.

Love it! How was it writing for this new line of books?
It was a fun and fresh challenge to write this book, and I’m excited to be a part of a series with such great authors.

So a couple of quick questions if you don’t mind.
What would be your desert island book or movie?
Movie, Charlotte? Would one have electricity on a desert island? Gosh, that might be tempting to have a private island! But I digress…Give me a blank book and a pen! I think I’d go a little crazy without being allowed to write.
Good point about the electricity. But my island would have to have it, or where would I keep my cola?

How about favorite meal?
Veal francaise, hands down. Yummy!

And do you have a pet peeve?
I try to keep them to a minimum (good for you!) but it always gets my goat when I see someone being disrespectful to another human being. Also, I’m frustrated by people who are careless about the environment.

Well, now that you’ve told us a bit about your book and yourself, where can my readers buy HEAVY NETTING, or find out more info?

WILD ROSE BUY LINK (click here)
Nicki Greenwood

Facebook: Nicki.Greenwood.Author
Twitter: nickigreenwood

Thank you for stopping by Nicki, and best of luck with HEAVY NETTING