Nina Barrett visits with RENEGADE HEART

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening. Wherever you are and whatever time it may be, please join me in welcoming Nina Barrett and her new release, RENEGADE HEART.

Renegade Heart

Before we get to Nina’s brand new release, lets find out a little more about Nina. Nina if you will…

Hi, I’m Nina Barrett. I’ve been a public school teacher, focusing on early childhood education and am having a blast now writing contemporary romances. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I was one of those children who loved going to bed at night because you could lie there and make up stories. I’d be out west with Roy and Dale or in Sherwood Forest with Robin Hood. It took time and persistence to gain publication. Winning a scholarship to the Antioch Writers’ Workshop gave me a boost and my forthcoming romance RENEGADE HEART is dedicated to them in appreciation. Musa Publishing released my first book Marriage Made in Haven in June 2012. The Wild Rose Press published Return of the Dixie Deb in December 2013 and A Man to Waste Time On in January 2015. Its sequel RENEGADE HEART is available April 27th.(Today!!)

I live in Southwest Ohio. My hometown recently was featured on the cover of Ohio magazine. I enjoy traveling – I’ve been to the top of Masada in Israel and the bottom of the great pyramid at Chichen Itza. Advocating for autism research and education is a passion.

Have you always been a writer?

At least in my head. My mother was a great reader, reading to me nightly and on long car trips – Mother Goose, Thornton Burgess, later introducing me to the classics – Heidi, Treasure Island, Little Women. I finished my first complete story in junior high, an Agatha Christie type mystery, and continued writing through high school. College, marriage and a career in education kept me busy, but I continued writing and submitting manuscripts growing more and more discouraged. Winning a scholarship to the Antioch Writers’ Workshop re-energized me and led to the publication of my Western romance Marriage Made in Haven.

What lead to the writing of RENEGADE HEART?

I was intrigued by the excitement and explosive energy of Las Vegas. In my previous release, A Man to Waste Time On, Cinnamon Smith is stunned to realize the general manager of the neighboring Imperial Hotel Casino is the waste of time loser who dated and dumped her sister back in their hometown. And he wants to date her. No way . . . but then securing an order from his hotel might prove salvation for her struggling teashop. And he is so good looking.

Doing research and finding out what goes on behind the scenes of a major Vegas property was so captivating it lead to RENEGADE HEART and Kristin Hennepin’s adventures when the National Finals Rodeo comes to Vegas and Kristin falls into the arms of a rodeo troubleshooter.

What’s coming up for your readers?

My work-in-progress, Deep, Dark, Delicious. And Deadly, continues my Vegas trilogy. When candy heiress Sofie Matthew wakes up from her coma in a hospital bed, there’s a strange man staring at her, a murder to be solved and a ring on her finger. What’s the story with that?

Interested? Here is a sneak peek of RENEGADE HEART

“This way.”

It wasn’t a question.

Putting an arm around her shoulders, Jake steered her away from the entry to a shadowed alcove behind a pair of oversized ornamental urns. Droplets of water from a fountain misted the air. He pulled her into the dark recess as if it had been placed there for them. Kerstin flinched as the cold of the stone façade penetrated her thin clothing. The afternoon’s warmth was only a memory now. Before she could shiver, he pulled her into an embrace. Her legs braced against his, he trailed kisses down her neck.


It sounded like she was begging.

Was she? Backed against the stone of the Imperial, she was trapped between fire and ice.

He captured her head in his hands, his tongue parting her lips.

Her breath was caught in her throat as she melted into him.

The sweetness of his mouth was intoxicating. It was like drowning in honey.

Her hands made their way around him, feeling the tight muscles of his chest and waist. It was December and she was burning up. His thumb flipped the clasp of her bra. Was the Imperial’s director of special events about to be taken up against the wall of the hotel entryway? Over the years there’d been similar stories about some of the hotel’s randier guests.

Her hands found their way under his suit coat and down his back, feeling the dampness of his shirt. She stopped, catching her breath, as he cupped her breasts. He was saying something about his room.

She jerked her head, staring up at him. Taking both hands, she shoved back against him. Her sudden strength must have caught him off-guard. He took a step back.

“Kers . . .”

She twisted away as he reached for her.

His room? His room?

She was at the entrance and inside before the doorman had a chance to open it.

His room? Not until Jake Aaron could convince her he wasn’t Ginny Mathieu’s lover and explain why he carried a concealed weapon in a back holster – .40 caliber if she knew her weapons.

And she did.


Nina can be found on Facebook as nina.barrett.315 and at Nina loves to hear from readers and fellow writers!

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  1. looking forward to Renegade Heart, it sounds very interesting. Your descriptive words will put me right in the action. Also reading about your early desires to write are very encouraging to others, who may still have a dream to accomplish. So glad your had the connection with Antioch to give you the push needed. Keep writing Nina!


  2. I have read the first three Nina Barrett books and can’t wait to read the fourth. I love the hint of mystery and suspense you weave into each book…and you never gave up!
    Off to relax in the sun with my new copy of
    Renegade Heart.


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