Candy Hearts – www.cupid by Annette Miller


Allison McCall, supervisor in the Romance and Proposal Department of Cupid Corp., firmly believes rules are meant to be followed, yet her own love life is unfulfilling.

Preston Carlyle, Allison’s former boyfriend and one of her more creative agents, believes rules should be broken occasionally to give true love a chance. Only, he’s having a hard time convincing Allison and Cupid his techniques are working.

From the disastrous paperwork and the frequency of Allison’s visits to Cupid’s office on Preston’s behalf, she fears her position and his job are in jeopardy.
But when she finds out he’s requested a transfer to the Holiday Security Agency, Allison decides to prove she cares for him…even if it means breaking a few rules.


“Come in, Preston, and shut the door.”

“Uh oh,” he said and the door closed with a quiet click. “Not even a please. What did I do this time?”

“This time?” Flinging open his file, she snatched the top paper off and shook it at him. “How about your recent trip to a major theme park? You were supposed to get the young man to propose during the fireworks show, but did you?”

Preston grinned. “Any rookie could have pulled that off. My idea was much better.”

Allison jumped to her feet and slammed her hands on her desk. “Your ‘much better idea’ just landed me in hot water with Cupid! I’m sick of being called on the carpet because you can’t follow the rules and do your job within the parameters of the file you’re given.”

“Come on, Allie. The fact he proposed while she was throwing up after getting off the roller coaster and she accepted, ought to count for something. Think of the great stories they’ll have to tell their kids.”

She narrowed her eyes. The fact he still insisted on calling her by her college nickname told her he’d never live up to become the agent she, and Cupid, she quickly added, wanted him to be.

“Their future relationship is not our department. Shape up or I swear I’ll ship you back down to Flowers and Poetry. As much as you complained about being there, do you really want to go back?”

He stared at her. “No, ma’am. But you wouldn’t do that to me, would you?”

“Yes, I would, in a heartbeat. We have to watch what we do and say these days. Cupid Corporation is merging with Aphrodite Enterprises. Any hiccup now could hinder the merger going through on time. You know how skittish Aphrodite can be. She’s already unsure she should go through with it. Now get your report written and in to me by the end of today. I’m still waiting for the ones from yesterday, too. And my name is Allison, not Allie. Please remember that next time.”

“Fine.” He gazed at her for a few moments. “You’ve changed, Allie, and I’m not sure it’s good for you.”

“I could say the same about you,” she said quietly.

Allison watched Preston leave, then sat, laid her head on her desk, and thumped her fist lightly against the stack of paperwork next to her. Why couldn’t he be the way he was in college? Why did he always have to do things his way? Why was the man so infuriating? She lifted her head before sitting back and smiled. And why did he have to look so adorable while he did it? If only he would follow the rules.

Sarah poked her head into Allison’s office. “So, not good?”

“No. We still on for lunch?”

“Of course.”


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