Candy Hearts – EVER AFTER by Candace Sams

Ever After

Dillon Greenleaf is a member of Mythreal royalty and head of his planet’s security. Debutantes have been chasing him his entire adult life in order to wed a man of power, and he’s totally off women in general. But when he meets Keira Foley, an Earth officer, who he suspects is a pirate spy, he finds he quite likes the Plain Jane female.

Keira has been pegged brilliant and unattractive by her fellow officers, something she doesn’t mind until she meets the hot, royal stud-muffin who believes she is capable of treason against her own world. When they meet again at the Earth Embassy’s Valentine’s Day ball, Keira however blows Dillon’s mind.

Yet, in the midst of trying to find the real traitor, Dillon’s match-making grandmother, and a night made for love, Keira and Dillon must decide if they can put aside their differences in time to find a love that will be ever after.

What the hell was he thinking?

After raiding Earth’s greenhouses for a way to get his undivided attention, she’d traveled to the remote local in the woodlands, two hours away from any civilization. Aside from this being what she’d romantically referred to as her spot, she’d picked the location because it’d be free of any surveillance devices.

When the sound of a very fast, powerful shuttle sounded in the distance, she stood in the middle of the lovely glen. The time it’d taken him to arrive hadn’t diminished her anger one bit.

As he came closer, slowed the shuttle to a stop and hopped out of it, she didn’t miss the sidearm strapped to his side. Her own was handy on her left hip, being left-handed as she was.

If things went south, there was going to be an investigation that’d rock the whole planet to its core. She prayed he’d listen. But his treacherous act—his obvious sense of being above any laws—led her to believe he wouldn’t.

As he approached, with narrowed eyes and a warrior’s wary stance, she held onto the remaining threads of her temper. How dare he stare at her as though she was the one to be suspected? Where does he get off?

Finally he stopped five feet away. Since she’d called this meeting, she meant to go first.

“I believe this is yours?” she remarked as she held up the small, silver burnt casing of his bugging device between her right thumb and index finger, leaving her gun hand ready. What was left of the device after being remotely fried—in such a way that it wouldn’t even produce a small puff of smoke or any odor—wasn’t much. But the casing had stayed attached to the underside of the embassy desk. No bugging device could be completely eliminated from a remote local, though she was sure he’d counted on her ignorance in even knowing what the remnants of the little round case were.

“The device you used was so highly advanced it heavily scrambled our security camera’s recorded images,” she claimed, “but I managed to piece enough of the video together to see who you were and the date. There was no mistaking a megalithic Mythrealian planting something beneath the general’s desk. All I had to do was check the damned guest list for the last time you were in our compound. The date you were there matched what was on the image!” She slowly shook her head. “Did you honestly think nobody would ever run a security scan? Do you think we’re that backward?”

He lifted his chin and came clean. “I’ll say this for you…your technical skills are beyond good. You managed to reveal my actions so let’s not tarry. Let’s get straight to the point.” He took a deep breath. “Yes…I’ve done exactly as you claim. I bugged your embassy. The act was mine and mine alone. I had no orders to execute this plan.”

She slowly shook her head. “Why? Why, in the name of God, would you do such a thing?”

“Because of you!”


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