New Releases from Wild Rose Press – 50% off

Hello, here are this week’s new releases…at 50% off…from Wild Rose Press.

Dances of the Heart by Andrea Downing
Digital Price: 5.99, On Sale 3.00


Successful, workaholic author Carrie Bennett lives through her writing, but
can’t succeed at writing a man into her life. Furthermore, her equally
successful but cynical daughter, Paige, proves inconsolable after the death
of her fiancé.

Hard-drinking rancher Ray Ryder can find humor in just about
anything-except the loss of his oldest son. His younger son, Jake, recently
returned from Iraq, now keeps a secret that could shatter his deceased
brother’s good name.

On one sultry night in Texas, relationships blossom when the four meet,
starting a series of events that move from the dancehalls of Hill Country
to the beach parties of East Hampton, and from the penthouses of New York
to the backstreets of a Mexican border town. But the hurts of the past are
hard to leave behind, especially when old adversaries threaten the fragile
ties that bind family to family…and lover to lover.
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High Ground (Daring Heights Series) by Madelon Smid
Digital Price: 4.99, On Sale 2.50

High Ground

When Joshua Chandler identifies the hacker attempting to infiltrate his
security software, he becomes a target for assassination. A genius,
contracted to safeguard government secrets, he concludes a lot of people
could see him as a threat. Various government agencies vie to protect him,
but he prefers to hire his own bodyguard. When he falls in love with her,
he has only one choice. Catch his assassin, so he can focus on winning her.

Catriana Duplessiss, (Cat) hired to protect Josh, remains professional and
distant in order to do her job. An ex-marine, she’s well trained to keep
him safe, but pretending to be his live-in-lover tests her rule “never get
involved with a principal”. She’s lost too many loved ones to death and
refuses to risk her heart again. When her feelings for Josh affect her
ability to do her job, she insists on being replaced, so he has the best
protection possible. It also allows her to run, but she can’t hide from the
truth. She’s lost her heart to this brilliant man whose death seems

Both the assassin and Cat elude Josh’s efforts to capture them. He doesn’t
know which is the greater threat losing his life or losing his love.
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His Majesty’s Secret Passion (Millionaire’s Club Series) by Christina Hollis
Digital Price: 3.99, On Sale 2.00


Leo Gregoryan’s determined to be the perfect king. Loyalty to his country
means sacrificing his own happiness, but he’ll divert the energy he once
poured into his dream of becoming a doctor toward royal duties. All he
needs right now is a stress-free vacation-no future queen need apply.

Sara Astley escapes to the luxurious Paradise Hotel after she’s dumped by
her partner, who then stole the promotion she’d expected. She hides her
broken dreams behind a tough exterior. Her stubborn streak makes her a
challenge Leo can’t resist.

His special brand of hands-on persuasion seduces Sara into enjoying the
holiday of a lifetime. Their fling can’t hurt either of them-or so they
think. Leo’s focussed on being the ideal hero. Sara knows what she wants,
and that’s independence. Then a revelation tears them apart, meaning things
can never be the same between them…

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