New Release from Danielle Doolittle

I’m very pleased to have Danielle Doolittle here today with her New Adult book, REGRET (The Guardians 1), which just released. Here is Danielle to tell us a bit about the book and about herself. (p.s. Don’t you just LOVE the cover!?)


Hi Danielle, and welcome. Please tell us about yourself .
I love books. Love them.

I’ve always been a bit of an introvert and a bit of a word nerd. High school was an interesting experience, if you over look that two year stint I spent as a competitive cheerleader, mostly you’d have found me with my nose in a book. A fact that didn’t change when I attended college and received a Bachelors in English.

I’m a klutz of epic proportions (…seriously the ER staff in my hometown knew me by name!), an avid knitter, and a reader of all kinds of love stories.

I live in Northwest Ohio with my husband and out three tiny humans (kids) where I feed my addiction to coffee, dark chocolate, Twitter, and telling stories.

Mmmmm…dark chocolate and knitting, those are both on my favourites list.

Do you have a process for coming up with character names and book titles?
I’m a pantser at heart so my characters have a tendency to name themselves. When a story idea comes to me I just sit down and start writing. The characters reveal themselves as they tell me their story. I do try and avoid names of family members, friends, etc as I go though. Wouldn’t want someone close to me think I named a villain after them. 😉 (I have a tee shirt that reads “be careful or you’ll end up in my book”.)

As for book titles I try and stick with something that reflects a major theme in the story. I think titles should give the reader a feel for the story, a quick peek into what they’ll find inside. For Regret, there’s a lot of characters with something (or many things) in their past they wish they could change.

Tell us about your current book.
Regret is a story about a girl, Penelope, who discovers she’s so much more than she ever dreamed. She also finds love in an unexpected place: Kane Whitmore, hero of the brooding, hunky variety.

Working with Kane and his family to develop her gift to manipulate energy to heal the sick and wounded, she pieces together her missing past, and gains the attention of a vindictive madman.

There’s secret powers, sarcastic family members, a girl who saves the day, and a fair share of kissing. 😉

Sounds wonderful! Can we get a little more?

Eighteen-year-old Penelope Green doesn’t have any reason to believe her senior year will be anything but ordinary.

Boy was she wrong…

There’s a new family in her small Martha’s Vineyard community and they’re about to flip her world upside down; none more so that the brooding, wide-shouldered Kane Whitmore.

Connected in ways she never dreamed possible, Penelope must trust Kane and her growing feelings for him as his family to guides her through her missing past and a world she never knew existed—a world she’d suddenly become the center of.
Learning she’s a Guardian with the ability to heal she can handle. It’s the dreams—both frightening and heart-wrenching—that nearly brings her to her knees. But when madman’s vengeful plot puts her loved ones at risk, Penelope is willing to sacrifice anything to keep them safe…even her own life.

Thanks, Danielle. Where can we find your book?

Buy Links:
Barnes & Noble
Sweet Cravings Store
All Romance

Okay, and before we go, a little more about Danielle and then where to find her. Quick Quiz:
Favorite book or movie? Book: The Catcher in the Rye Movie: Ever After
What are you reading now? Promise by Kristie Cook
If they were to make a movie about you, who would play you and why? Oh man, if I have to pick I’d say Karen Gillan. She’s delightful, funny, and just the right bit of awkward. Plus my 4yo would flip to see mommy played by Amelia Pond.


Versus Karen:
Karen Gillan

Definitely a good choice!

Twitter: @elledoo

Thank you Danielle. And best of luck!!