Half Price – Silver Blade anniversary

Wow, I can’t believe it has been a full year since the release of SILVER BLADE
I guess by all rights, this makes it Oz and Angela’s one year anniversary.

Beautiful - and tres sexy - work by Diana Carlile

Beautiful – and tres sexy – work by Diana Carlile

To celebrate, SILVER BLADE is on sale at half price.
Avialable at Wild Rose Press or through Amazon at Amazon.com or Amazon.ca.
Here is an excerpt from Silver Blade

When she brought him in, Mr. McAvoy had been a mystery, covered head to toe; the only thing she knew for sure was that he was large and male. This morning, however, was a different situation entirely. The huge man in front of her wore a tight pair of black boxer briefs and his ribs were wrapped in white bandages. Other than that, he wore nothing. She’d guessed he was a solid muscular man from the fit of his jacket and jeans, but this morning’s attire left little to the imagination. Definitely male. And large. Wow!

“Sorry, I had to ditch the hospital gown. I was getting all tangled in it. Don’t know how you women sleep in those things.”

Angela realized she was staring, and forced her eyes up from his body to his face. A small V of golden brown hair sat below his bottom lip; this and his eyebrows gave the only hint to what his hair color might be. Handsome, bald, and undeniably strong, the man was built like a mixed martial arts champion. Better in fact.

But his eyes—so much like Bobby’s. Pale blue eyes surrounded by long dark lashes studied her. Eyes she suspected often reflected the ferocity of their owner, but also hid a depth of love and loss.

“I’m not a nurse,” she managed to say.

“No, you’re my angel,” he said and continued to approach.