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My intro says that this blog is about writing and other things that interest me. Well, one of my favorite hobbies is cross-stitch.

About 25 years ago, I ordered something (not cross-stitch) from a craft store, and with it came a small kit for a cross-stich magnet. One of my work associates was quite the crafter and I offered the kit to her. Cross-stich…also written as x-stitch…is simply bunch of x’s made on a canvas using various colours of thread.
“Do it,” she said. “It’s easy.”
Suffice to say, I should send her a bill for all the kits, threads and framing that have resulted from me doing that one tiny magnet. I could take a vacation!

My most recent accomplishment is one of my absolute favorites. It is a photo my husband took of our girls about eleven years ago. I sent the photo away (to the same dangerous craft store referenced above) and they sent me back a pattern chart. Black, white and six shades of grey, the beautiful result is shown here:

B&W xstich - our 3 girls

Because working in 6 shades of grey wasn’t challenging enough, here is a photo of the pattern chart for my next project. Notice the relative size of the project to my hand (and trust me, I do not have tiny hands!)

Up next...

Hope you take time for yourself and do something YOU love!