The ramblings of my 49-year-old mind…

So today is my birthday…the first of many, I think, in which I will turn 49.

The Husband threw a big party for me when I turned 40. I fought my battle with breast cancer a few years previous, so I had reason to celebrate. But now…Cake? Yes! Parties? No. IMG_1457

I took the day off work, but got up at my usual 6am to get things done. The Daughter still had to get ready for school. The Husband was hogging the bed and snoring, anyway. I’m going out to lunch with my two besties today (Ann & Lisa…who don’t follow my blogs, so won’t even know I mentioned them!) But except for an excuse to break my diet (actually, did you know your own birthday cake has no calories) it really is just another day.

I won’t say “I don’t want to get older”…having gone thru cancer, I’m grateful ever day that I’m here to get older. I’m just not sure why our bodies get older so much faster than our minds. My mind is still mid-30s. And as I research universities with The Daughter for her for next year, I sometimes think I might even be early twenties.

The Daughter, The Husband and my mom all asked what I wanted, and I said “nothing”. I think I’ll ask The Daughter to take me to 22 Jump Street when it comes out next week, but otherwise, I really don’t need anything. However, I’m more than willing to GIVE my “grandmother arms” to whoever wants them. (I’m definitely too young for those!)

Anyway, as I said, I’m just rambling. I think I’ll head out later and buy myself a cake. Did I mention that birthday cake on your birthday doesn’t have calories? (If I say it often enough….)

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