This week’s FREE Kindle Books

As the subject says, here are this week’s FREE Kindle books, courtesy of Wild Rose Press:

One bad relationship and too many super-villain battles send Karen Spraiker, AKA Sterling Dragon, to upstate New York for a murder mystery weekend. The last thing she expects is a real mystery and a man with magical eyes who causes her blood to race the moment they meet. NIGHT ANGEL by Annette Miller

“I wanted to kiss you the first time I saw you. Something about that sweet, round lower lip just begs for kissing.” Simon’s own lips were warm, gentle against hers, but a hint of fire lingered as he drew back. CLOSE ENCOUNTER WITH A CRUMPET by Fleeta Cunningham

When the gods realize the beast they unleashed should never have been unshackled, they throw together modern-day Emma and ancient Torin to set the world aright. STONE GUARDIAN by Maeve Greyson

When she marries into wealth and position, she discovers the path leads to despair for a love she can never have, as well as a growing awareness of the ruthlessness of her new family’s patriarch. SHADOWS OF LOVE by Gail MacMillan