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Last week I suggested you visit my critique partner JC McKenzie as she took part in the “My Writing Process” blog tour. Today it’s my turn to answer the four questions…

What am I working on?
never leave home without them I have three works in progress right now. Number one in the pile has a working title of Black Secrets. It’s a single-mother-falls-for-shifter story with the tag line: Dark Hair. Dark Eyes. Dark Secrets. The second is an angel-meets-witch story with the working title White Aura. The third item is a rework of a previous submission called Golden Star ; attractive necromancer meets handsome sheriff while demons and wolves run amuck.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I write novellas. I’ve commented before about my discovery of Wild Rose Press, and its collection of shorter books. Best thing ever! I hate the running around and pointless banter that a lot of books do in an effort just to make an arbitrary word count. I like to get to right to the point…in both my writing and reading.

Why do I write what I do?
They say “write what you know/read”… and I love paranormal romance. I find romance without the extra element to be a little too boring for my taste. If I were to shift (pardon the pun) to something else I would try YA and/or Urban Fantasy.
And I write novellas because they work for me. I love the fact that e-readers have opened a market for those of us (writers and readers) with short attention spans.

How does my writing process work?
Take a deck of cards, throw them in the air, and you’ll have a pretty good idea. I wish I could say I allot a certain number of hours each day or week to my writing, but my life is just too busy. smile
I used to write a lot in my head while driving to work, but I work from home now and somehow all that extra time has been filled by other things. I’m a definite pantser…I get an idea and I run with it until I cross the finish line…or hit a brick wall. I’ve recently hooked up with two critique partners (JC from last week & Rebekah next week) and I find they are both absolutely wonderful additions to my writing process.

Next week the following authors will be telling you about their writing process:
Rebekah Ganiere, my other wonderful critique partner…Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance writer of Kick Ass Heroines and Hunky Alpha Males. She can be found at:
Joan Leacott, self-published author and fellow TRW member. Joan lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and nearby son, and spends her summers on the shores of Georgian Bay. You can visit with her at:

Please be sure to stop by and visit them.

2 thoughts on “My Writing Process

  1. Great post Charlotte. I love that you’re a pantser and that your books have found a home at TWRP. I’m still amazed with your ability to create a world, develop a romance and tell a story in under 40k words! Awesome stuff!


    • My restless spirit has me multi-tasking and jumping from one story/thought to the next.
      Which is hilarious when you consider a) I’ve only ever lived in the Greater Toronto Area, and b) I’ve been at the same job for 25 years. Where’s the restless nature in that?


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