Paths to Publishing

Author and blogger Melissa Snark is running a Paths to Publishing series to kick off 2014.
Stop by her blog and read about the journey that she, I and other authors have taken. Guests will include authors from a variety of backgrounds, including traditionally published, small press, independent and hybrid. They will relate personal insights, frustrations, inspirations, barriers encountered, hopes, and dreams.

The guest schedule:
Jan. 7th Robena Grant
Jan. 8th Babette James
Jan. 9th Emma Kaye
Jan. 11th Jan Meredith
Jan. 12th Lisabet Sarai
Jan. 14th Rolynn Anderson
Jan. 16th Charlotte Copper
Jan. 17th Audra North
Jan. 18th B.C. Brown
Jan. 19th Sydney Katt
Jan. 23rd Lynn Calhoon
Jan. 24th Mary Eastham
Jan. 25th Jean Joachim
Jan. 27th Melissa Snark
Jan. 26th Helen Henderson
Jan. 30th Dorothy Thompson
Jan. 31st Vicki Batman
Feb. 1st Barbara Bradley
Feb. 2nd Maria K. Alexander
Feb. 7th Melinda Curtis

Click below to visit Melissa’s Paths to Publishing
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