I resolve not to make resolutions

I started making my New Year’s Resolution list, and I decided I better stop because unless I win a lottery on New Year’s Eve, I’m not going to have the time. Here is how my list reads:

– Go to the gym more (have I mentioned my husband owns 3 gyms?)
– Eat healthier (I’m a junk food addict and I always seem to be on the run)
– Write more (this is my author blog after all)
– Submit my next book to Wild Rose Press (see point above)
– Watch less t.v. (I don’t really watch many shows, but I love movies!)
– Read more (As of this morning I have 70 printed books on my TBR shelf, and a further 200+ TBR on my kindle)
– Buy less books (see point above. But wait! I can’t do that. I love to support my fellow authors)
– Buy NO more crafts – wool, kits, etc (at least until I get a few of the ones in my closet done)

Get to the gym? When? I’m already out two nights a week taking my daughter to volleyball. I know, I’m going to try to drop her off and then hit the gym, or take a book and go to the library. Or maybe hit the gym, then the library. Wait…too ambitious?

More reading / less t.v. Hmmm…I do a lot of my crafts while watching movies, so if I watch less t.v. how can I get those crafts in the closet done? And unfortunately while I am a very-skilled multi-tasker, I can’t watch t.v or craft while reading. I’m a “do-not-disturb” type reader.

Really, I’m not sure this resolution stuff is going to work for me. But I do think it is a fair and reasonable list. Maybe I’ll take it downstairs and look over it while I watch a movie and eat a couple of peanut butter cups.