Under the Dome versus Under the Dome

Have you read Stephen King’s UNDER THE DOME? Are you watching the series on television? Are you doing both at the same time?



I often read a book and then watch the movie. (Can you say Harry Potter or Hunger Games?) Seldom will I watch a movie and then look for the book. But right now, silly me, I’m reading AND watching UNDER THE DOME.

Usually, because some time has passed between the book & the movie/series, I’m okay with the deviations. (True Blood has not followed the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries since like half way through season one.) But both at the same time means they are both very vivid and real in my mind. Wait! Big Jim Rennie doesn’t look like that! What about the relationship between Barbie and you know who? Etc, Etc, Etc.

I think every author would love their books to be so popular (or at least sooo loved by the guys who have the $$ to make the films) but seriously, what if they put hair on my hero Oz? (They wouldn’t, would they?) I’m not sure I could handle it.

One of my favourite authors, Kelley Armstrong, writes the Women of the Otherworld series which is currently being made into a t.v. series. She has been blogging lately that she has NOTHING to do with the show. To quote her “Zip, zero, zilch….and I’m fine with it…they have their reasons for making changes”

I wonder…does Ms Armstrong plan on watching it? Or is it better to keep her distance?

And Mr. King, in case you’re surfing the web and come across my little blog, how do you feel about the differences between your books and the films/shows that they have turned in to?

p.s. should there be anyone out there with the $$ that really does want to turn my novella into a movie, please do not let this blog stop you from asking.

3 thoughts on “Under the Dome versus Under the Dome

  1. Love your comment at the end…lol The book and the series are far apart in deed but honestly I think I could handle my book being made into a movie even if they changed it! However watching a beloved book turned into a movie that deviates is harder on the reader I think.


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