Snow Day? Really?!?!

So depending on where you live, you may or may not have heard of “Snow Days”. What these are, are days when the school buses don’t run due to inclement weather. The problem with this is that less than a quarter of The Daughter’s school is bused, and yet when the buses don’t run no one goes to school.

At the beginning I tried sending her (we live on the same road as the school, a 1.5 km walk) but she would seriously end up at school with about twenty other kids and do nothing all day.

Today is a “Snow Day”. The problem with this? The roads are stone dry!! There is a weather warning…but this is the same weather warning from yesterday that said the storm would be here last night. (Not here yet. It is waiting for my two hour drive tonight!)

I understand why the buses don’t run….who wants to be responsible for that many children on a snow, slippery day? And yes it is dry now, but it “might” be slippery later, and then how do you get all these kids home?

I know The Daughter is not going to want to go to school. When I wake her she is going to say “but mom, no one else will be there”. And she is right. The teachers still have to go in. But the bused kids won’t be there, and every other student will use the same line on their parents “but mom…”

If only I could get all the parents at her school to read this blog (wouldn’t that be nice)…but if they were reading this blog right now, I’d say “Hey, let’s send the kids to school. Remember when we had to walk…both ways, up hill, barefoot in a snowstorm?!” Let’s build a little character in them. We have to work, why shouldn’t they?

But it won’t happen. And The Daughter will say “but mom” and I’ll let her stay home, and the next kid will say “but mom”, and so on, and so on, and so on.