My toughest critic gives a great review!!

Yesterday, I received my Galley Files from my editor, Eilidh. For anyone not in writing, Galley Files are the pre-print finals that need one last review before going to publication. This review is for typos only, not last minute “oh, can I change this?” Eilidh said to ask a friend or family member to help, so I decided it was finally time to ask The Husband to read Silver Blade.

Now some authors may use their spouses regularly as editors in one form or another, and while mine would make a great non-fiction editor, I did not even bother to have him read something as “silly” as a paranormal romance. Paranormal? Not since he read Harry Potter to The Girls. Romance? No! Paranormal romance? Hell, no!!

“You just need to read it for typos,” I said in response to the doubtful look in his eyes. “No changes. No comments. And no, I will not change the heroine’s name.” (Which is coincidentally the same as His Ex. Not because I was paying tribute to His Ex in any way, but because the name worked so well with my story.)

This morning The Husband comes down greeting me with some of the sexual descriptions in my book. “You did write about me,” he said with a smile. (I knew he would focus on the sex scenes, hence another reason I didn’t want him reading my story.)

But then he shocks me and says “I was surprised. It was very good.” Pardon? Did he say very good? “I didn’t think I’d like it. I didn’t even think I’d finish it. But I did. I wanted to see what would happen. And I really liked it.” Would you say that again, I’m not sure I’m awake yet.

Then he questions me about a couple of the scenes, and the paranormal world in general. In other words, he really did read the whole thing. And he thought it was good!! So now I’m really proud because he would certainly be one of my toughest critics.

I guess he can still surprise me after almost ten years of marriage.