Blog Tours

Well, as I mentioned before, I have a release date for Silver Blade of July 24th. What I wasn’t sure of – and what has just been confirmed – is that I have an early release date with Amazon on their Kindle KDP program, and Silver Blade will be released on Wednesday April 24th.

So the question arises…do I blog tour or not blog tour? If only a select group of buyers are able to purchase my book for the first three months, is it worth it? I’m having a hard time with the whole promotion thing anyway because as an e-novella it has limit distribution and a low price, so there won’t be a lot of royalty $$ to offer prizes. (Some authors offer $25 gift certificates, and kudos to them!)

I decided, however, I would take a blog trip when one of my favorite bloggers, Melissa Snark ( offered me the chance of appearing on her blog. So on Tuesday May 21st I’ll be on her Author Spotlight, and on Thursday May 23rd she will be reviewing my book.

Another wonderful author and blogger who has offered me the opportunity of expanding my horizons is Delilah Devlin (, and I will be on her blog on July 25th.

I might try to squeeze another one or two in before the general release, and then a few after. I’ll post the sites and locations again as they actually occur, and I hope that you come out and visit me….not just for my own promotion, but as a way of thanking these wonderful authors who are willing to support other writers. Who knows, maybe you’ll find other authors you like through these blogs.

If there is one thing I’ve learned from writing – besides how to handle rejection letters – it is that writers are a wonderfully supportive group of people.

I will always be her little girl

So I mentioned last time that I gave the galley copy of Silver Blade to my husband to help me look for errors, well I also gave it to my mom. Now it’s not polite to ask a woman her age and I don’t really want to tell it either, but lets just say that I’m in my 40s and my mom is in her 60s. No one would ever describe my mother as shy, quiet or easily embarrassed, so I have to say I was a little surprised at today’s conversation. (No mom, this wasn’t the exact wording, but close enough.)

“So I read parts of your book,” she said.

“Parts? Why didn’t you read the whole thing?”


“Well, what?”

“I couldn’t read the sex stuff. I started to but then I just couldn’t.”

I could actually hear the embarrassment in my mom’s voice coming through the phone line.

“I kept wondering how you knew some of that stuff.”

OMG MOM!! My book is not erotica; my book didn’t even make it to the HOT rating. My book made it to the SPICY rating which is “at least one full sex scene with description of foreplay, intercourse and climax”

Add to this that I’m in my forties, been married twice, read lots of books (of all ratings), and have seen my share of explicit movies. I wanted to laugh. In fact, I think I did. Then she threw the line out that many mothers use: “Well what if your daughter…”

I thought back to the Toronto Romance Writers’ meeting the other weekend where we sat in a circle discussing different words for penis. It was a small (no pun intended) meeting due to the snow storm, and I think a third of the writers there wrote erotica.

What would my mom do if I wrote erotica?
What would she do if I wrote murder mysteries?
And what about Stephen King’s mother? The poor woman.

My Cover

I sometimes have a hard time figuring out what to blog about, but this week it was easy. At 2:28 today I received the images for the cover of my soon-to-be published novella, SILVER BLADE. Needless to say, the decision for my topic was obvious. (Waiting until my bill-paying job was done for the day so that I could blog about it was the hard part.)

My Cover. Beautiful - and tres sexy - work by Diana Carlile

Beautiful – and tres sexy – work by Diana Carlile

The wonderful cover artist, Diana Carlile, had her job cut out for her because my hero is…BALD! You would not think this would be an issue – there are a lot of attractive bald men out there – however, it turns out they don’t have a lot of stock photos of handsome, buff, hairless heroes. As such, she had to do some creative cropping and fading.

I think the final result is wonderful…and very sexy!! Hope you do, too.